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Go Green; Go Vroom: Electric Cars

Kids have a great deal of imagination and they usually love to copy adults. You must have observed children as they pretend to drive cars like their parents, probably on a chair or toy car or cycles. GreenPro India has come up with a series of electric cars. If you ever see a station of bumping car ride, you will see a huge queue of anxious kids and adults waiting for their turn. The sense of adventure in man comes from a very early age and if nurtured in a right manner can develop into a quality sport. The basic difference between adventure and stupidity is safety. These cars have a limited speed option and are safe to ride in lawns and parks. Electric cars, Golf Cars, bumping cars and many other versions of similar electric automobiles are available with us. These automobiles are extremely safe and easy to ride for people of all age groups. Their attractive and colorful design makes Read more [...]

Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Green Play – GPJP Series

Children are known to have a short span of concentration. They are constantly looking for new stimulus that will entertain their every growing mind. This forces children to imagine various situations and increase their creative ability. The Green Play JP Series is one such stimulation through Commercial Playground Equipments. It has bright and vibrant colors and fantasy shapes that attracts children and appeals their creative minds.  The GPJP series is not just bright and attractive but also sturdy. It is made of elements that are of non-flammable quality, shock-absorbing and elastic surfaces, skid proof and can sustain extreme weather conditions, making them a long lasting solution. The series involve customized outdoor as well indoor equipments. It is further classified into 6 sub-categories. Namely the ‘Classic Series, Kidzone Series, Imagination, Funtastic Fun Rides, Fun Rides, Read more [...]

GPJP Worx – Breath Free, Keep it Clean!

Cleanliness is considered as close to godliness and there are multiple benefits of having eco-friendly products from GreenPro India. Our attractive colour combination drives customer’s imagination to a whole new level. We aim to keep your playground and other areas clean with thoughtful and dynamic designs from GPJP Worx. Childhood influence remains for a long time in children’s mind, hence it is imperative to understand their thinking. GreenPro have been serving customers for years happily and we assure value for customer’s time and money. Our variety from GPJP Worx includes garbage bins, timber bins, square and bowl shaped bin holders. Designs such as GPJW Intam, Classical, Round Bin Holder and Timber Bins are some of the most preferred items that sell like hot cakes amongst our customers. Park is the place where people comfortably relax and gaze around the beautiful scenes. Read more [...]

Molding the Future Masterminds: Green Play – DX Series

The kids in today’s generation grow up much faster. With so much of technological invasion into our daily lives, their brains have adapted to configure complex objects. But there is a drawback to this phenomenon. The children today are distracted from outdoor games and stick to their mobiles and play stations.  The mental challenges intrigue them more than physical endurance. Hence GreenPro India has come up with a solution after much observation and permutation. We need to meet the growing needs of evolving young minds and bodies and constantly engage them. To help you meet this challenge, the GreenPlayDX (GPDX) Series offers some mind-boggling and innovative designs of commercial playground equipment. At GreenPro India we are known to create equipments that are made from environmentally sound material, which is also kind to the fragile health of children. Hence the Green Play DX Read more [...]

Green Play Swing –Fun All Around

Do you remember how you and your friends used to rush like a running fire to catch a place at the swing? There are these moment of joy that send shivers down your spine with adrenaline rush of memories. Children at the playground are as crafty and mischievous as little baby fish in the big sea. Swings by the innovative range from GreenPlay bring fun childhood memories with stylish playground equipments. Child’s behavior at the playground says a lot about their comfort and awkwardness. GreenPro India’s cutting-edge design of Swing adds fun with adventure. We have often observed that after a few pushes kids start becoming more excited and swing higher. In such cases it is important to have side chains of the swing that provides comfortable grip and not very glossy with lots of colour around swing’s chain because it would then slip and kids may lose their grip from fast moving swing. Read more [...]

Green Play Merry-Go-Round – Spin With Fun

Person who discovered Merry-Go-Round has taught us not just how one could spin in circles but also how running in circles for a longer makes us dizzy, but childhood is all about having fun rather than worry about how things might go awful. Green Play’s varieties of Merry-Go-Round are finest examples of how durable playground equipments can make playing experience a sheer delight. Kids love watching up in the sky for god alone knows what maybe flying birds, kites or perhaps they silently are just enjoying the amazing view of the deep blue sky as they enjoy swing in Merry-Go-Around. GreenPro India makes children’s life joyful with its finest range of playground equipments that are fun, attractive and most of all safe. Safety of kids is our top priority and clearly there is no compromise on the material that we use to manufacture the playground equipments for kids. Merry-Go-Round is something Read more [...]
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