Safe Playgrounds and Safe Future with Greenpro India

Green Flooring Playgrounds are no less than 2nd home for children. They spend maximum time of their lives on playgrounds than inside house or even in school. Hence it is our responsibility to make these playgrounds a safe 2nd home. Children are often reckless and unaware of the effects of their recklessness.

We have observed that most playgrounds have thick grass or sand or sometimes even hard gravel below the playground equipments. It is the most unwise solution for playground surfacing. Grass has a tendency to deplete from the area where footfall occurs often. Sand and gravel cause more injury than buffer.

Welcome Greenpro India’s classic solution for all your requirements for Playground Safety Surface.

The Greenpro India introduces you to Green Floors. These are bifurcated into Green Tiles, Green Soft Tiles, Green Site EPDM and Green Sports Floor.

Green Tiles Green Soft Tiles Green Site EPDM Flooring

This Playground Safety Surface provides shock absorbing and skid free surface on the playground and around the play equipment. The elastic, non-skid, porous qualities of the safety surfaces or playground floors allow them to withstand extreme weather as well as wear and tear due to usage. Playground Safety Surface by Greenpro India is a perfect solution as it not only provides safety but also aesthetic looks to beautify your playgrounds.

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