Green Tiles

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Safe Playgrounds and Safe Future with Greenpro India

Playgrounds are no less than 2nd home for children. They spend maximum time of their lives on playgrounds than inside house or even in school. Hence it is our responsibility to make these playgrounds a safe 2nd home. Children are often reckless and unaware of the effects of their recklessness. We have observed that most playgrounds have thick grass or sand or sometimes even hard gravel below the playground equipments. It is the most unwise solution for playground surfacing. Grass has a tendency to deplete from the area where footfall occurs often. Sand and gravel cause more injury than buffer. Welcome Greenpro India’s classic solution for all your requirements for Playground Safety Surface. The Greenpro India introduces you to Green Floors. These are bifurcated into Green Tiles, Green Soft Tiles, Green Site EPDM and Green Sports Floor. This Playground Safety Surface provides shock Read more [...]

Paving a Road to Green Future with Greenpro India

When we say that we pave the road to a greener future we quite literally mean it. GreenPro India Pvt Ltd offers you the best services in flooring. Our products have double benefits. First it beautifies your area and secondly it offers sturdy and safe grounds. With attractive designs and refreshing colors our equipments provides clean cut look to your backyards, front yards, parkways, walkways, Driveways, Swimming Pool, Clubs, Veterinary Clinics, Ice Arenas, Golf Clubs, Truck Boxes, Horse Trailers and every other part of your periphery. We call them green pavements as they are made from strong substance that is long lasting and barely requires any maintenance or replacement. They are cost effective and easy to install. The Green Paving Tiles are designed so that they absorb maximum shock and are non slippery. So no worrying if your child fell while learning to ride its bike on green pavements. Read more [...]

Playground Safety Surface – Safer grounds

Do you remember your childhood days? How many times you have cared much about injuries? There is no rocket-science to understand the context here, all we are trying to say is children don’t bother much about what might happen to them physically while playing. GreenPro India precisely understands this concern hence we manufacture playground safety surface to keep your kids happy and injury-free while they play with their friends. It becomes little demanding at times when parents, guardians and care takers to constantly monitor the acts of children as they play, therefore, it is important to have playground safety surface for schools, play areas and other outdoor place where kids gather. GreenPro India’s equipments are easy on your child’s health.       GreenPro India is known for its eco-friendly approach and our action speaks louder than anything else. It is amazing to see Read more [...]

Green Tiles – Safety with Style

The experienced professionals of GreenPro India encourageeco-friendly initiatives. We create solutions that saves planet. We make tiles that are strong, durable and attractive. GreenPro India is known for manufacturing top-class range of Green Tiles. We focus on manufacturing safe and flexible Green Tiles. There are several important elements that are combined to make efficient tiles.   We realize playgrounds are one of the most loved places for kids and therefore we study their actions to manufacture most suitable tiles for kids. Playgrounds are the places where kids learn the most and fascinating bit is that they learn while doing something that they love the most. GreenPro India caters to various tiles some of them are as given below: Square Tiles: Needless to say about this pattern but it is one of the most commonly used green tiles. These square tiles are safe because it has Read more [...]

Green Soft Tiles – Walk safely, comfortably!

Planet earth is battling with global warming and if we don’t take any steps then our next generation will not get a chance to experience beautiful resources that nature offers. At GreenPro India we provide eco-friendly solution for all your needs. We want you to have comfortable surroundings that make your life pleasant. Dynamic features combined with effective designs, is what you get when you contact the reliable services of GreenPro India. We manufacture products that are friendly on users. Our environment friendly Green Soft Tiles are used in schools, playgrounds, play areas and many more places where kids gather to play. It is essential to use friendly and safe materials to avoid injuries. Harmful material may look attractive but it can be dangerous for kids. Green Soft Tiles are manufactured with conformance to EN 1177 in offering wide range of shade, size and shapesof tiles bearing Read more [...]

Crumb Rubber Material – Shock Absorbing Magic

It’s always said that you should be safer than be sorry and of course there is an apparent logic to that expression. GreenPro India is the pioneer entity who offers Eco-friendly products. Our projects are aimed at providing great product while bearing multiple dynamic features. It is necessary for manufacturers to study various advantages and disadvantages of materials that they use while manufacturing. To educate customers is one of the most important responsibilities of the company, unless customers are made aware about the advantages they wouldn’t know it, therefore the experts from GreenPro India shares the details about the mix of materials with its precious customers. Crumb Rubber Material is used across the world for its multiple advantages. It keeps your child’s playground experience smooth and safe with its shock absorbing effects.     There is large demand for comforting Read more [...]
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