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Celebrate Happy and Meaningful Navratri

It’s time to pull out your brightly colored and embroidered clothes and dandiyas. It’s time to celebrate Navaratri. A Hindu festival celebrated in the name of Ma Durga and her 9 major avatars. The word Navratri means nine nights. For these nine nights, the goddess is worshiped and Garba dance are performed to celebrate the arrival of Goddess Durga from heavenly abodes to the humble earthian’s house. Celebrating Navaratri is symbolic to celebration of womanhood, motherhood and also power popularly known as ‘Shakti’. Our culture has forever respected women in forms of mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. In Indian culture any unrelated women if older is looked at as a mother and younger or similar aged woman is looked at as a daughter or sister. But somewhere in time this humble culture has been lost. Today India stands as one of the most unsafe country for women. The very Read more [...]

“My life is my message” Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Says the man whose life was world known legend. Today is 'Gandhi Jayanti' the word jayanti means birth anniversary in Hindi. The man who achieved world renowned greatness through a simple law of ‘ahimsa’ was born today in the year 1869. Mahatma was the prefix he earned and bappu was the love he received. A lawyer by qualification he left his life of abundance for the welfare of the deprived. Mahatma Gandhi born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi went on to become the father of nation. His contribution in Indian freedom struggle was immeasurable. Apart from Indian freedom his work to ease the racism in South Africa and his work towards its people have also been commendable. So let us celebrate the birthday of this great man of history who taught humanity the importance of simplicity. He started the phenomenon of ‘satyagrah’ meaning the fight for truth. He preferred inconvenience to Read more [...]
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