Celebrate Happy and Meaningful Navratri

Shubh Navratri

Shubh Navratri

It’s time to pull out your brightly colored and embroidered clothes and dandiyas. It’s time to celebrate Navaratri. A Hindu festival celebrated in the name of Ma Durga and her 9 major avatars. The word Navratri means nine nights. For these nine nights, the goddess is worshiped and Garba dance are performed to celebrate the arrival of Goddess Durga from heavenly abodes to the humble earthian’s house. Celebrating Navaratri is symbolic to celebration of womanhood, motherhood and also power popularly known as ‘Shakti’.

Our culture has forever respected women in forms of mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. In Indian culture any unrelated women if older is looked at as a mother and younger or similar aged woman is looked at as a daughter or sister. But somewhere in time this humble culture has been lost. Today India stands as one of the most unsafe country for women. The very country that was known for its manners and respect towards the better half of the society is now fast turning into a vicious monster and a hub of crimes against women.

The 10 the day of Navratri also called as Dassera is observed by burning the effigies of the demon king Ravana. But who will burn the Ravanas dwelling under the disguise of humans in our society. Ravanas like female infanticide, sexual harassment, verbal and physical abuse, domestic violence, deprivation of freedom to live, breath and education, speech, thought and expression.

Happy Navratri

We worship Ma Shakti as a symbol of power then why is the Indian women so helpless? We worship Ma Durga as the triumph of good over evil than why dose Indian women succumb to evils of hypocrite society? We deny the basic right of motherhood by killing an unborn daughter. We want sons and then we want brides for our sons, but we do not want a daughter. Very often Women not just face the torture by men but by other fellow women too.

Celebrating navaratri is meaningless if we cannot cherish its meaning and teachings. This navaratri pledge to kill at least one Ravana per day. And how can one do this? By changing one’s own perception, by raising voice against violence enforced on women, by supporting those unfortunate souls that fell prey to someone and above all by teaching our sons, brothers, friends and all men in society to respect women.

GreenPro India wishes all Indians a Happy and Meaningful Navratri. Check out the color code for 9 days:

Grey – Human Nature is not Black and White but Shades of Grey.

Orange – The Color of Happiness and Hinduism

White – Surrender Peacefully to the Color of Peace

Red – If Red color indicates anger then it indicates Love too

Blue – Beat the Monday Blues With the Blue of Open Skies and Vast Seas

Yellow – Like a Sunflower Kissing the Sun, Welcome Yellow with Kiss Of Life

Green – Go Green, Just Not With Envy But With Love for Nature

Peacock Green – The Pride of the Peacock is the Glory of God.

Purple – The Unique, the Creative and the Soulful, Purple Defines the ‘Good Different’

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