Green Soft Tiles – Walk safely, comfortably!

Planet earth is battling with global warming and if we don’t take any steps then our next generation will not get a chance to experience beautiful resources that nature offers. At GreenPro India we provide eco-friendly solution for all your needs. We want you to have comfortable surroundings that make your life pleasant.

Dynamic features combined with effective designs, is what you get when you contact the reliable services of GreenPro India. We manufacture products that are friendly on users. Our environment friendly Green Soft Tiles are used in schools, playgrounds, play areas and many more places where kids gather to play.

Green Soft Tiles Colors

Green Soft Tiles PatternIt is essential to use friendly and safe materials to avoid injuries. Harmful material may look attractive but it can be dangerous for kids. Green Soft Tiles are manufactured with conformance to EN 1177 in offering wide range of shade, size and shapesof tiles bearing best fit. GreenPro India’s experts will assist you to pick the most suitable tiles with a cost effective quotations.

Soft TilesSoft Flooring

Durability of tiles increases as GreenPro uses eco-friendly material which has strong bonding to prevent injuries. We make sure our privileged customers get attractive and durable tiles with reasonable costs. GreenPro India is an experienced maker of eco-friendly products and provides world-class services. Reach us for more details on

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