Hailing The Strength of The Core: Happy Republic Day 2013

Green Pro India is proud to acknowledge that this year the country will be celebrating its 64th republic day on 26th Jan 2013. It has been a remarkable journey for our nation since the first republic day in 1950. In between all the ups and downs that we have seen and all the generations that have changed what keeps us intact is the core. The core of being an Indian is being tolerant, patient and calm in the middle of storms; as only what is sturdy can withstand it.

 At GreenPro India, on the occasion of republic day we wish for more strength and ability to make change happen, for our nation and its people. For the last 64 years our country took us from unfamiliarity to knowledge, given us from mere shelter to a sense of belongingness, made us from crowd to citizens. This year let’s pledge to take this very country from darkness to light.64th Republic Day IndiaWe are doing our bit by introducing time and again, the eco friendly play ground equipments and more. Along with advancing times, children today are much ahead of their counter parts from previous decades. They grow quickly and demand better surroundings.

At GreenPro India we look after these changing needs and come up with solutions that are safe for environment as well as our children. We create equipments that cause a complete physical and mental development of children. We wish you a Happy Republic day and an all-round development.

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