Happy Balinese New Year: Welcome Nyepi

Every culture has its own New Year and its own unique way of celebrating the New Year. In most cultures people celebrate by praying, eating good food, buying new clothes and most importantly by enjoying with friends and family. But Bali has its extremely unique way. Nyepi is a Balinese “Day of Silence” that is observed every Saka New Year according to the Balinese calendar. On the day of silence it truly is absolutely silent.

All the shops and offices are shut on this day. Even the sole airport of Indonesia is closed. Only emergency vehicles like ambulances are allowed to function. Although it’s majorly a Hindu festival, the rule of silence is applied to everyone even tourists. People are not supposed to go out on the beaches. It might sound very tasteless or like a punishment but it truly is a blessing in disguise. The day of silence is observed in order to provide people an opportunity for self-reflection and improvement: To be able to admire and understand the cosmic world around us.

Bali New Year

It is observed from 6 a.m. until 6 a.m. of the next day and the main restrictions are: no lighting fires and existing lights must be kept low, no working, entertainment or pleasure; no traveling; and for those who can manage no talking and fasting all day. The day after Nyepi, is usually celebrated as the New Year with much activity. Ngembak Geni is the day when families and friends come together and ask for forgiveness for the wrong doings of previous year and perform religious rituals.

So let the silence of this day guide us through our paths and help us attain our toughest goals. On this peaceful occasion of Nyepi, GreenPro India wishes you all a happy new year and a prosperous life ahead.

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