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Plexiglas – The Rock-Solid Acrylic Glass

Here we are sharing bit of details about world’s first acrylic which also means in scientific term as Polymethyl Methacrylate. GreenPro India uses Plexiglas for aquariums and for front viewing as it is a lightweight alternative to glass. There are alternate name given for the same as acrylic glass. If anyone who understands more about different chemical terminology might use words like synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate. Plexiglas is used across the world for years due to its durability and strong resistance against the The brand Plexiglas is so famous that seldom people think that it is the name of the material which in fact is not true but this what brand Plexiglas does to the world. People are so used saying Xerox instead of photocopy, Instead of Mineral water they say brand name such as Bisleri and so on.                           GreenPro India understand the Read more [...]

GPH Worx – Stylish Benches and Dustbins

There days in our lives where we just want to sit back and relax, and what better place than gardens and parks. Activities around Mother Nature give sense of comfort and sublime joy. GreenPro India makes products that are eco-friendly and these are easy on users. Our experts make durable products. We customized patterns as per requirements not to fit into our client’s credentials but also to provide effective solutions. In the park and playgrounds kids are comfortable hence it is important to influence kids with positive motto. H Worx exactly serves that purpose with refreshing colours that stimulates child’s wavering imagination. There are times when kids want to just play and play without even realizing anything, yes, that’s the childhood and we all go through it. There isn’t any point of drawing a boundary on anything and everything that a child does. GreenPro India’s H Worx Read more [...]

Interlock Mats – Comfort with Style

It’s amazing how you see beautiful things and how we advise our loved ones about having the same items. This how our product is famous amongst our precious customers. It is the satisfaction of our happy customers which keeps us going and it inspires us to do well with batch of our production. GreenPro India lifts up the market standards by variety of fine designs of interlock mats. These mats are largely used for flooring for different requirements such as school playgrounds, parks, recreation center, and amusement park and many other places.   The motto of using Interlock Mats is to provide safety as they are anti-fatigue. This makes these mats super special amongst others.When spread across these interlock mats looks attractive and they are stylish as well. Give your surrounding fresh look with finest design of GreenPro India. Shine your life with our flooring and bring happiness Read more [...]

Green Site EPDM – Durable and Safe Grounds

Planet needs immediate attention due to global warming. There are materials which are attractive when it’s used to make playground equipments and other related item such as flooring, roofing etc. It is unnecessary to use harmful materials and if at all anyone is using it then, it’s due to lack of understanding about how it can affect environment and health of visitors and kids. Use of EPDM has brought significant change in the cause of Green revolution across the world. EPDM is ideal as it provides smooth finishing and it has several eco-friendly benefits and it should be preferred over other harmful materials. GreenPro India uses Green Site EPDM due to many benefits and some of them include for its high quality, durability, energy efficiency and EPDM plays vital role weather resistant.   Kids in the school, playgrounds require extra care and due attention but there are times it Read more [...]

Commercial Aquarium Services – Fun Unlimited

There is a peculiar way how several times you might have seen this line or read where it is says “we deliver goods and services as per client’s requirement”. That line has become such a cliche. It is quite obvious that client pays respective companies to do certain work the way they want their business to be conducted hence claims are certainly unwanted. A company serves the need because they specialize in certain products and services. GreenPro India is your one stop source for your commercial aquarium needs. There is years of research and case study behind every product that we manufacture and every service that are catered by us. We take care of commercial aquarium needs. We are known for several commercial aquarium services and some of them are as mentioned below. Our Concept Design includes rough estimation of the required budget, bubble diagram and concept. Working drawing Read more [...]

Green Play Water Park – Happy Escape with Adventure

Fun never stops when you are assured by one of the finest market leaders such as GreenPro India. Our efforts are aimed at creating dynamic playground equipments. Green Play Water Park equipments are fun for kids. Its feature makes children adventurous and strong. After thorough studyof children’s behavior in various places, our expert draws a concrete plan of action which makes playing customized and pleasurable. Child’s psyche is closely connected by certain common factors such as colours, shapes, designs, cartoon characters, super heroes and many other things. We determine the best options out of all these and bundle it in the form of Green Play Water Park Equipment. On the basis of what suite the nature of kids we create designs that make water park a fun activity. GreenPro India uses materials that are easy on children. EPDM rubber is one of such material which offers shock absorbing Read more [...]
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