Plexiglas – The Rock-Solid Acrylic Glass

Here we are sharing bit of details about world’s first acrylic which also means in scientific term as Polymethyl Methacrylate. GreenPro India uses Plexiglas for aquariums and for front viewing as it is a lightweight alternative to glass. There are alternate name given for the same as acrylic glass. If anyone who understands more about different chemical terminology might use words like synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate. Plexiglas is used across the world for years due to its durability and strong resistance against the

The brand Plexiglas is so famous that seldom people think that it is the name of the material which in fact is not true but this what brand Plexiglas does to the world. People are so used saying Xerox instead of photocopy, Instead of Mineral water they say brand name such as Bisleri and so on.

Aquarium                           Plexiglas

GreenPro India understand the value that Plexiglas provide to its cutting edge range of products and usage of Plexiglas has been undertaken after years of research done by experts so clearly we are not one of them who follows the hurdle just because it’s in vogue or just because any other reasons but we always thoroughly check materials which we use before shaping the final product.

Plexiglas is used for glass sheet that provides crystal clear view without any distortion, component provides stability and they have rock-solid resistance to handle the force and volume of the things inside an aquarium tank. Besides handling pressure, Plexiglas is gives beautiful look to your architectures. You may contact GreenPro India for aquarium needs and for (Life Support Systems) LSS at

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