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Web Services – Grow with Time

GreenPro India delivers multiple IT Solutions all under one roof. Our information technology has enabled speedy work with great efficiency. It has made the networking really accessible from one corner of the globe to the other end. We manage IT related issues for companies and our aim is to provide prompt solutions with highest quality. GreenPro India specializes in creating static websites with easy navigations. Our detailed execution keeps customers happy and satisfied. There is a great demand for the user friendly technology and our professionals develop sites that are easy to use. Our customer’s website speaks for our work and the effort that we put into the end result.Main motto of companies is to create website to reach to their respective audiences with mass appeal. Therefore having a simple website may sound good but it is not quite good enough. GreenPro India creates attractive Read more [...]

Indoor playground – Childhood Is A Gift

In modern age kids are mostly glued to television, computer, games and other gadgets and it is saddening to see that they are missing major part of their childhood. The development of products for comfort and to teach people in a smarter way has significantly damaged real strength of kid’s mental abilities. Therefore GreenPro India does in-depth study of children’s psyche and makes best indoor playground equipments.       GreenPro India believes that is the duty of manufacturer to design equipments that are useful for kids and not harmful. The idea is simply to give comfort to kids. It should help them to grow better not only physically but also mentally. Make smart choice and chose GreenPro India for all your playground equipments. Be it indoor playground or outdoor GreenPro ensures highest precision of work. Expert from GreenPro designs playground equipments for the benefit Read more [...]

Work is Worth all the Respect: Happy Labour Day

International Labour Day is celebrated on the 1st of May every year. It is a day to celebrate and appreciate the labours in a society, who relentlessly do hard-work for the betterment of everyone else.  From construction works to clerks and everyone else whose rigorous labour sustains our economy and society is a labourer and deserves respect. Hence Labour Day is the day to show respect. Although the origin of Labour Day is unclear there are two stories. One that says it originated in New Zealand.  On 28 October 1890 thousands of trade union members and supporters organised parades in the main centres where even government employees were given holiday to be able to attend the parades and several private businesses were also closed.  Labour Day is said to be the result of spreading communist thoughts. Apparently Canada is also said to be the origin of this phenomenon as during the 1870’s Read more [...]

Fitness Equipment – Health is Wealth

Health is important to all of us but strangely it is rare to find people who work out daily to keep their health fit. Perhaps there are many who are doing their bit of exercises but what is the use if they are not getting the required results for the same? After studying various situations GreenPro India’s experts have realized that such mis-match seldom occurs due to either wrong technique or harmful designs of Fitness Equipment, Indoor Fitness Equipment and Outdoor Fitness Equipments.   It is imperative to understand usage of equipments because it entirely depends on how a particular user utilizes the equipments and based on the end outcome things are decided. If health is one of your mantra in life then GreenPro India is your best bet as for years we have been supplying dynamic range of Fitness Equipment, Indoor Fitness Equipment, and Outdoor Fitness Equipment with great color combinations Read more [...]

Enlightenment Be Bestowed on Humanity: Happy Mahavir Jayanti!

Mahavir Jayanti is the most important festival of Jainism religion. Mahavir, also known as Vardhamana, is the last and the 24th Teerthankara (Jain Prophet). He was born to the king of Kaundinyapura (Bihar) namely Siddhartha and his queen Trishala Devi. Being born to a family of ardent devotees, Mahavir was nurtured towards spirituality from early life. It is said that before his birth Trishala Devi had many auspicious dreams that denoted a birth of a great leader. Mahavir was born on the thirteenth day of the rising moon of Chaitra somewhere in the 599 BCE. This is the day celebrated as Mahavir Jayanti. He is claimed to be one of the greatest prophets of peace and social reformation in the Indian history. From early life itself he became popular for his unbeatable physical strength and intellectual sharpness and hence was termed as ‘Mahavir’ meaning the bravest. He rejected the worldly Read more [...]

We only have one earth! Let’s make it our one love

Today is April 22nd, the international earth day. Out of all the international days that we celebrate this is the most popular and thoughtful day and celebrating it is synonymous to celebrating life in itself. Imagin what would we do without clean air, potable water and non toxic vegetation? What would we do without earth? We would simply not exist. In the rampant chase for money and development man has forgotten that with a planet and without the nature development remains a big joke and proof of Man’s stupidity. Earth Day hence is an earnest effort to keep us reminding of the direction we are heading and the direction we should be heading towards. In an UNESCO Conference in San Francisco of 1969, John McConnell initiated the concept and name of earth day. He suggested March 21 being the Earth Day as it is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. In 1970 U.S Senator Gaylord Read more [...]
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