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Decorations, Feasts and Blessings Galore: Happy Easter

Decorated eggs, chocolate bunnies, party invites and family feasts; they all tell you one thing, ‘Easter is here!!! Greenpro India wishes its fellow Christian brethren a happy Easter, may the light of Lord always be guiding your way. Did you know the reason behind decorating eggs on Easter? Well the egg denotes the empty tomb of Jesus Christ. Just like from an egg a new life rises, Lord Jesus had risen from his grave. The word Easter means passing over and hence this festival is nothing but the celebration of resurrection of Christ. Christians across the world celebrate Easter by attending special church services, music, candlelight, flowers and feasts. In some parts of the world processions and rallies are held telling people about the story of this day. It is a day of joy and celebration where communities come together and celebrate the victory of good over evil and the blessing of Read more [...]

Remembering his Sacrifice, Grace and Love on Good Friday

The Christian festival ‘Good Friday’ is more about remembering the past than celebrating a festival. It is the commemoration of crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Apparently the day of the crucifixion was Friday with a certain crescent of the moon and hence it is observed every year on a Friday with the similar crescent of the moon post the March equinox. The Catholic Church observes a fasting period during this day and refrains from eating meat.  Certain parades or acts are conducted to moan the dark history. People generally wear black on this day, although red is worn on Pentecost in some churches. Most churches conduct special services and prayers in order to free mankind from worldly sins.  Most private offices and all government offices are close and families prefer to relax at home or take a long weekend trip. Although being a national holiday, in India the Christian community observes Read more [...]

Bura Na Mano Holi Hai!!!

It is always a good feeling to welcome one of the most jovial festivals of India. GreenPro India wishes everyone a Happy Holi. India is blessed with a rich culture and plenty of festivals. We Indians love to celebrate and create reasons to come together. Much like every other festival Holi is also celebrated by making special sweets and religious rituals. What differentiate Holi from other festivals are its celebrations. The festival of colors is enjoyed much vibrantly and enthusiastically than any other.  The bonfire of previous night is as religious and poised as the next day’s frivolous and spirited celebrations. As we all know the Holi is celebrated as the triumph of good over evil, this is a day for people to resolve to good deeds and forget their differences. This is the time to mend friendships and lost relations, time to forget bitterness and color each other with the shades Read more [...]

Funtastic. Colorful. Harmless: The world of Green Play-H Series

A playground is where children spend their maximum time of the day. It so becomes vital to make it the most safe and interesting place for them. Children are carefree, adventurous and imaginative. They need a playground that is safe, attractive and something that challenges their physical as well as cognitive ability. The Green Play-H Series is the answer to providing your business a child’s perspective. These playground equipments are made from eco-friendly material. They poses qualities like non-flammability, shock-absorbent and elastic surfaces, skid proof and high sustenance against extreme weather conditions, thus making them a long lasting solution for all your playground as well as indoor needs. The Green Play-H Series consist of sub sections; Green PlayStation, Green Inflatable, Green Toys, Green Furniture, Fun Ride, Bumper Cars and Electric Car. The wide range of products Read more [...]

Spring time is the merry time: Happy Spring Equinox Day

Nature has its own way of resurrecting life and it is called the spring. All cultures across the globe have their unique way of celebrating this season when the nature wakes up from the long drowsy winters and is fully charged with life. In most parts of the world the spring season occurs during the month of March. In India we celebrate spring as Teej or Makar Sankrant. Similarly in Japan on 20 march, the Spring Equinox Day is celebrated. It is usually that day of year when day and night are of equal length, this usually falls on 20th or 21st of March as per the Georgian calendar. During this time, entire cityscape becomes extreamly beautiful with various flower blossoms, especial the cherry blossoms that take place close to this day. The period of three days prior and three days post the Spring Equinox Day is observed as ‘Higan’. During this time people pay respect to their ancestors Read more [...]

Green Play Imagination – Capture Fun

There is a great power in imagination. It takes a person to places and sometimes makes them forget all their worries. To imagine is something magical that has encouraged one of the greatest thinkers and innovators and urge them to explore life to its fullest. The amazing playground equipment from the - Imagination by Green Play captures childhood fantasies where playground is heavenly place with children’s favorite cartoon characters, super-heroes, birds, animals and other beautiful characters. GreenPro India provides finest quality of playground equipments that challenges the intellectual powers of kids by offering innovative playground equipment designs. Green Play Imagination is the new age solution to boost your child’s imagination. Usually it is difficult to understand a child’s psyche especially when they are at the playgrounds as all they want to do it play and have fun, which Read more [...]
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