Playground Safety Surface – Safer grounds

Do you remember your childhood days? How many times you have cared much about injuries? There is no rocket-science to understand the context here, all we are trying to say is children don’t bother much about what might happen to them physically while playing. GreenPro India precisely understands this concern hence we manufacture playground safety surface to keep your kids happy and injury-free while they play with their friends.

It becomes little demanding at times when parents, guardians and care takers to constantly monitor the acts of children as they play, therefore, it is important to have playground safety surface for schools, play areas and other outdoor place where kids gather. GreenPro India’s equipments are easy on your child’s health.

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GreenPro India is known for its eco-friendly approach and our action speaks louder than anything else. It is amazing to see so many satisfied customers. Majority of playground surface are the ones that are recommended by happy customers. GreenPro India uses EPDM rubber material which has shock absorbing qualities that keeps kids injuries free and parents relived.

Best part is that we closely study quality of materials and use only those that are safe for kids, so all contact GreenPro India to get safe playground surface for your beloved children. For more information reach us at:

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