Servicing the Underworld – Commercial Aquarium Services

In olden days the phenomenon of aquariums meant breeding fish in open ponds for personal use, mainly food. The modern day ‘aquarium keeping’ originated in the mid 1800’s. It consisted of a tank in which the air surface of the water along with the plants would supply sufficient oxygen and the waste from the fish was consumed by the plants and scavengers.

Smaller Aquariums are largely used for beautification purpose in households, restaurants and institutions. These are usually smaller in size and easy to maintain. Large aquariums with complicated features and a variety of marine life are used in research institutes like labs, zoo and commercial breeding grounds.Commercial Aquarium Services

The need for commercial aquariums has surged with the growing awareness of marine life and eco system. Currently based in Mumbai, GreenPro India has the expertise to provide its customers with the best aquarium services for building commercial aquariums. We specialize in services right from the scratch, at layouts designing and budget planning to tank maintenance. The Life Support System (LSS) is one of the most efficient filtration system. It is called the life support of tank as it generates oxygen and maintains the water condition by traping solid wastes and converting liquid wastes to a relatively harmless form. Thus it is vital for the health of your marine life to have well designed Aquarium Services.

Different creatures require different range of atmospheric conditions within the aquarium. Thus, while providing the aquarium services, our experts not only pay attention to the client’s requirements but also have a detailed knowledge of marine life, which helps them in giving additional information and result in creation of smart and long lasting aquariums for your organisation.

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