Spring time is the merry time: Happy Spring Equinox Day

Nature has its own way of resurrecting life and it is called the spring. All cultures across the globe have their unique way of celebrating this season when the nature wakes up from the long drowsy winters and is fully charged with life. In most parts of the world the spring season occurs during the month of March. In India we celebrate spring as Teej or Makar Sankrant. Similarly in Japan on 20 march, the Spring Equinox Day is celebrated. It is usually that day of year when day and night are of equal length, this usually falls on 20th or 21st of March as per the Georgian calendar. During this time, entire cityscape becomes extreamly beautiful with various flower blossoms, especial the cherry blossoms that take place close to this day. The period of three days prior and three days post the Spring Equinox Day is observed as ‘Higan’.

Spring Equinox Day

During this time people pay respect to their ancestors by visiting family graves. The graves are cleaned and decorated with flowers and prayers are said to console the ancestral spirits. This festival brings man closer to nature. The celebrations express man’s gratitude and emphasizes on his dependency on nature. Thus on this auspicious time, Greenpro India wishes all its patrons a Happy Spring Equinox Day.

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