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Happy Balinese New Year: Welcome Nyepi

Every culture has its own New Year and its own unique way of celebrating the New Year. In most cultures people celebrate by praying, eating good food, buying new clothes and most importantly by enjoying with friends and family. But Bali has its extremely unique way. Nyepi is a Balinese "Day of Silence" that is observed every Saka New Year according to the Balinese calendar. On the day of silence it truly is absolutely silent. All the shops and offices are shut on this day. Even the sole airport of Indonesia is closed. Only emergency vehicles like ambulances are allowed to function. Although it’s majorly a Hindu festival, the rule of silence is applied to everyone even tourists. People are not supposed to go out on the beaches. It might sound very tasteless or like a punishment but it truly is a blessing in disguise. The day of silence is observed in order to provide people an opportunity Read more [...]

Equality is a right not luxury: Happy International Women’s Day

It is no secret that we live in a patriarchal society. Every society needs to have a set pattern and patriarchy is just one of them. The real problem is when these very men at the top underestimate or rather deny basic human rights of women. Families need to instigate in the minds of young generation, especially boys that women are not subordinates but equals. Like they say charity begins at home. If we want our societies to change our homes need to change first. The hypocrisy of political talks and law needs to give way to actions and solidarity of thought. Women’s Day is celebrated, hence all across the world as an acknowledgement of their achievement and to show respect love and support to the battles fought so far. The 1st national Women’s Day was celebrated in USA in 1909 after a declaration by the Socialist Party of America. Clara Zetkin (Leader of the 'Women's Office' for the Read more [...]

Remembering Great kings of history: Happy Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti

On 19th February, India especially the state of Maharashtra celebrated the birthday of one of their greatest kings in history, ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Bhosle’. During the 16th century India was battling the invasion of Mughals. The Mughals were of Islamic origin who not only conquered great lands from the then Hindu Aryan kings, but also demolished places of worship and disrupted the local life. It was King Shivaji, who played a key role in resurrecting the original kingdoms single handed, as most of the actual kings had lost their lands and accepted Ministry under the Mughals. He was born on 19th Februray, 1627, in Shivneri Fort, of Pune. He was named after the local Goddess Shivai, to whom his mother Jijabai prayed for a son. On this day, every year several processions are taken out and people wear warrior costumes and traditional wear and perform traditional dances and songs. His Read more [...]

Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Green Play – GPJP Series

Children are known to have a short span of concentration. They are constantly looking for new stimulus that will entertain their every growing mind. This forces children to imagine various situations and increase their creative ability. The Green Play JP Series is one such stimulation through Commercial Playground Equipments. It has bright and vibrant colors and fantasy shapes that attracts children and appeals their creative minds.  The GPJP series is not just bright and attractive but also sturdy. It is made of elements that are of non-flammable quality, shock-absorbing and elastic surfaces, skid proof and can sustain extreme weather conditions, making them a long lasting solution. The series involve customized outdoor as well indoor equipments. It is further classified into 6 sub-categories. Namely the ‘Classic Series, Kidzone Series, Imagination, Funtastic Fun Rides, Fun Rides, Read more [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day from Greenpro India

The day of love is here. Every year the world celebrates 14th of February in memory of a saint who professed love. This festival is usually misunderstood as the day of youngsters and frivolous romance. But very few know the true essence of this popular celebration. During the Roman Empire early Christian saint named Valentinus professed love and union of souls by secretly helping soldiers marry their beloveds. The then Roman King sentenced him to death for this actions. After his death, Valentine was known as a “Patron Saint”. Since then gifting cards or flowers and other gift articles became a norm on this day. There are some Valentine cards that date back to 1415, in museums worldwide. Greenpro India also pays its homage to the love patron by wishing all our fellow members and customers a Happy Valentine’s Day. Love in itself is a vast emotion and should not be mistaken with infatuation. Read more [...]

Hailing The Strength of The Core: Happy Republic Day 2013

Green Pro India is proud to acknowledge that this year the country will be celebrating its 64th republic day on 26th Jan 2013. It has been a remarkable journey for our nation since the first republic day in 1950. In between all the ups and downs that we have seen and all the generations that have changed what keeps us intact is the core. The core of being an Indian is being tolerant, patient and calm in the middle of storms; as only what is sturdy can withstand it.  At GreenPro India, on the occasion of republic day we wish for more strength and ability to make change happen, for our nation and its people. For the last 64 years our country took us from unfamiliarity to knowledge, given us from mere shelter to a sense of belongingness, made us from crowd to citizens. This year let’s pledge to take this very country from darkness to light.We are doing our bit by introducing time and again, Read more [...]
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