Celebrating Knowledge, Love and Togetherness, Happy Ganesh Chathurti!

Finally! Lord Ganesha has arrived with much gusto and he has brought along with him the gifts of knowledge, success and humility. At Greenpro India we welcome our most beloved Ganapati Bappa not only in our homes but also in our hearts. It’s time for yummy modaks, exciting and unique decorations and family get-togethers. But let’s not forget that our celebrations can become a cause for someone else’s agony.

Happy Ganesh Chathurti

Hence let’s make this year’s Ganesh Chathurti more sacred and less scared. Let us pledge to celebrate in the most eco-friendly and civic manner. For years we have been celebrating our festivals with no consideration for nature and other living beings who share this planet with us. Our religion says that God does not differentiate amongst his children, also humans and animals are all his children. So let us not disappoint Lord Ganesha. Let’s worship him not by loud aartis and lavish wasteful grandeur, but by following his simple teachings.

Pledge to use eco-friendly idols and decorations. Lower the volumes of your loud speaker. Let the festival be a celebration and not a competition of pandals. Life is way more beautiful in simplicity.

Let us brighten this world by celebrating with knowledge, love and togetherness. Happy Ganesh Chathurti!

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