The Bond of ‘Sibling Rivalry’!

Happy RakhiIndia is a country of festivals. We Indians love to celebrate everything from little events, to nature, to every aspect in our lives. One such celebration is the love-hate relationship of siblings.

‘Rakshabandhan’ is the festival that celebrates the bond of brothers and sisters. It is celebrated on the full moon day of Hindu month ‘Shravan’.

The word ‘rakshabandhan’ means the bond of protection. Sisters tie a ‘rakhi’ that is a decorative band on their brothers wrist as a symbol of her love and care to which the brother responds with a promise to forever protect his sister. These celebrations begin by worshiping the gods and then the rakhi tying ritual. Several delicacies and sweets are prepared and all siblings and cousins gather together to enjoy the day in each other’s company. It is one of the most fun and lively events as usually all youngsters and adults of a family gather around. It’s a jovial atmosphere as family exchanges sweets and gifts and siblings do some teasing, some fake scolding and lots of love is shared.

Happy Raksha Bandhan

We share a very strange relationship with our brothers and sisters. They are our first friends. It’s pretty much a love-hate relationship. Our love is expressed through our trivial fights. Whereas our strength and unity is express in the manner be guard each other’s back against outsiders. A child without siblings does miss out on a lot of childhood memories and happiness. But this festival allows you to change that.

Raksha Bandhan is not just limited to siblings and cousins. Many women who do not have a brother celebrate this festival with friends or acquaintances they look up to in a brotherly bond. Similarly some men, who do not have a sister would celebrate it with friends they assume to be sisterly. In today’s nuclear family systems many households have only two children and they are not necessarily a boy and a girl. In such cases sisters and brothers tie the ‘rakhi’ amongst themselves and make a promise of protecting each other.

On this auspicious day of Rakshabandhan ‘GreenPro India’ wish you and your kin an indestructible bond and lots of love.

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