Free! Are We? Celebrating the 67th Indian Independence Day!!

On 15th august every year the Asian peninsular nation, ‘India’ celebrates its independence day. After being under the infamous British Raj for almost a century, India acquired its rightful independence on 15 august 1947.

The struggles and battles of Indian independence have been a part of the education system forever, reminding every new generation the sacrifices of their ancestors. Society has constantly been entrusting generations with the responsibility of not demeaning these great sacrifices. Unfortunately somewhere down the line the passion of our great patriots has been lost. Today our nation seems to be plagued with corruption and hypocrisy that has given rise to several other small and big problems. Both positive and negative Energy has a mushroom effect, so it now depends on us what we wish to grow in multifold. A positive spread of ideas is our only hope to save this nation from its illness of post independence chaos. To be independent in the real sense of the word we need to be independent from fear, treachery, mental taboos, cultural superstitions and societal rigidity.

Indian Independence Day

How does a nation achieve all these? But of course, by creating an army of mentally and physically healthy citizens, for which education, freedom for malnutrition and free environment is highly essential.

GreenPro India has been thus targeting on constantly bettering the physical and mental health of the young generation of the country. Our playground equipments not just provide children with much need physical exercise but also challenge their cognitive abilities. Also being made from eco-friendly non corrosive material, the equipments further add to a better environment and healthy playgrounds.

This Independence Day, we wish all Indians a better and cohesive existence and freedom in its true essence. Happy 67th Independence Day!!

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