Friendship is the Invisible Pillar of Strength; You Can Measure Its Height but not it’s Depth

Happy Friendship DayThe one word that summarizes all relationships and yet has place for more is ‘friendship’.

Friends, who are they? Who qualifies to be called as a friend? Well anyone and everyone who selflessly strives to make your life meaningful. Parents, teachers, siblings, pets, grandparents and relatives they are a person’s first ever friends. Gradually this person steps out of its nest and explores this world full of strange amusing people.

People who are not related to you by blood or any relation, people who are far different than you and yet very similar in some way. These people quickly become our friends. It is very rightly said, ‘friends are not made, but are recognized.’

Happy Friendship DayIn this crowded world why do we choose the people we do to be our friends? Do we choose because they think like us, they look like us, they talk like us? Subtly yes; but majorly, because these people appeal to us in their honesty and non judgmental love that they give us. There are times when the fine line between friends and family disappears. Your family becomes your friends and your friends become your family, such a man is truly blessed and lives the happiest life imaginable.

So this friendships day Greenpro India feels blessed to have found such trusting friends in our patrons and wished you all a Happy Friendships Day. May all our lives be blessed with true friends.

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