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4 Floor Tall Cylindrical Aquarium Tank
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4 Floor Tall Cylindrical Aquarium Tank
5 Different Coral Concepts For The Aquarium  
In this concept a singular tower of reef rocks will be placed in the centre of the cylindrical tank. Much like in their natural habitat the reef rock tower will have an undefined shape that will allow the fish to swim through its tricky gaps and passages. Likewise this design will also provide the viewer an experience of watching the beautiful coral life similar to the one in Pacific Ocean, up close and personal.
Under the ocean when rocks pile up on each other they create a look of stairs on which later corals and other sea creatures grow. In this concept we have recreated that look by placing a stony stair like pillar in the centre of the tall cylindrical tank. This pillar will be adorned my marine vegetation and corals through which the fish can swim. The tank will replicate an experience of scuba diving in Andaman Islands and provide a visual treat for the visitors.
In this particular structure a pillar of stacked up rocky reefs form a very natural ambience for the fish to swim around, while the audience witnesses a wonderful underwater act of the marine life. The reef will be decked up by corals and other underwater plantations to create a real life vista of oceanic life.
The ‘city of marine life’ depicts emotions true to its name. A bundled entity of natural elements merged with manmade elements; it gives a feel of how the ocean has accepted human intervention and life continues to flourish irrespective of all odds. The design is a mix of corals, rocks, reefs and metal barricades and elements from ship wrecks to provide a realistic deep ocean feel.
The colour blue is the prime representative of marine life. In this theme a central pillar of rocks with a bluish tinge is the main character in the set up. The pillar looks like a randomly shaped large rock with hollows in certain places due to the erosion caused by currents. The structure will be a colourful montage of bluish rocks adorned with vibrantly coloured corals and fishes that swim through its hollow gaps. The colours used in this set up are aimed at providing a refreshing break for the visitors and instantly relax them. This concept design by HKS has also been liked and approved by the ‘Mumbai international airport private limited’. This is a very thoughtful decision as people travelling are usually stressed. Such a structure at the airport will not only add to the visual beautification but also act as a stress buster.
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