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Green Play - Funtastic Series
Sports excite kids for many reasons, be it indoors or outdoors. Funtastic Series designs thrill kids and encourage participation along with enhancing physical and mental capacities.

Funtastic Series by Green Play produces flexible equipments for kids. It benefits them to get healthy and fit body. It makes kids stronger and confident.

This category includes thrilling rides such as Inverted Sea-Saws to improve balance, Arch Swing help kids to understand the motion and various speed movements, Punching Ball to make bones stronger and to improve reflexes, with other exciting products such as Disc Spinner, Punching Bag, Pole Spinner and Bucket Spinner to have well-rounded exercises for children of all ages.

Playground activities excite kids while keeping them happy and fit. Our equipments enable kids to have an active metabolic system enabling clean immune system. Funtastic Series inspire healthier practices that allow kids to overcome fear of playing outdoor games and makes them bolder.

GPJP Inverted Seesaw
GPJP Arch Swing
GPJP Punching Ball
GPJP Disc Spinner
GPJP Punching Bag
GPJP Pole Spinner
GPJP Bucket Spinner
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