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Green Play
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Green Play - Electric Car
Green Play products are manufactured to improve kid’s growth with its delightful designs. Our rides attract kids and give them opportunity to ride with full swing. Green Play manufactures safe products and adds sparkling childhood memories for kids.

Electric cars from H-Series offer spectacular experience for kids, who are fascinated about racing with tough and posh electric cars. Our cars are designed with friendly navigations, inspiring children to ride swiftly. The grip and smoothness of electric cars are delightful and attractive features lift the mood of your lovely kids.

Green Play adds flavor in life with safe and eco-friendly products. It empowers kids to learn about benefits of safe driving. It shapes journey with delightful the adventure of rides. Our rides teach valuable lessons that enable kids to drive carefully.

GP Golf-2
GP Golf-2C
GP Golf-4
GP Golf-4CB
GP Golf-4C
GP Golf-6
GP Golf-8
GP Golf-2 Plus
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