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Green Tiles - Equestrain
These tiles are primarily manufactured for horse stables and walkways. Its solid mix provides toughness to the flooring and offers safety. Green Tiles of Equestrian are manufactured post detailed research and studies. We raise the standards with every lot of our production to consistently improvise our varieties.
Equine Tiles  
Our surfacing solutions are customarily designed to build attractive surroundings.

Dimension :
1m x 1m
500mm x 200mm x 100mm

Colour Available :
Black, Red, Green.

H Paver  
H-Paver has slots between clustered tiles. These tiles give strengthens the bond of surfaces with its firm grip. It’s used for multiple purposes. H Paver’s durable design effectively meets client’s objectives satisfactorily.

Dimension :
304mm x 304mm

6-H Paver  
Combinations of basic designs of H-Paver are identical but the difference is 6-H Paver is bigger. It’s manufactured with different blends to provide many qualities.

Dimension :
912mm x 528mm

High Quality With Drainage Fall Easy Maintenance And Installations
Non-Slippery Smooth and comforting for walks
Helps creating fatigue-free zone    
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