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Green Tiles - Interlock Mats
Self-Interlock mats are preferred for its attractive and reliable designs. These mats are best suitable for weight rooms and portable flooring.
V - Interlock Mat  
This comfortable design satisfies multiple requirements due to strong bonding qualities. V-Interlock Mat enlightens mood and makes life delightful.

Dimension :
500mm x 500mm

Available Thickness :
10mm to 25mm

40 - I Interlock Mat  
This design intersects between two mats and enables firm bonding for floorings. 40-I Interlock Mat blocks are beautiful and it gives refreshing appearance to flooring.

Dimension :
1145mm x 1100mm

Available Thickness :

Reduces noise, floor damage and injury.
Absorbs shock from exercise equipment and weights.
Transportable, take the floor with you when you move.
Extremely easy to maintain, just vacuum and damp mop as needed.
Colour Available Application
10% 30% 50%
It’s either in single color or in combination groups on percentages of 10%, 30% and 50% EPDM granules.
Interlock Mats are used for indoors and outdoors .i.e. Parks, Kindergartens, Playgrounds and other friendly places.
Weight Rooms
Locker Rooms
Golf Course & Lounges
Multi Purpose Areas
Boat Docks
Spike Protection
Portable flooring
Nursing homes
Cardio Decks
Ski Lodges
In-Line Skating
Changing Areas
Steps, Patios & Deck
Exhibition stands
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