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Leaders Are Not Born, They Make Themselves. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. KUMAR!

Success is not a miracle. One does not need to belong to the crème of the society to make him a leader. Years of dedication and relentless hard work goes into its making. Dr. Kumar is the living example of success. Greenpro India is fortunate to be under the leadership of Dr. Kumar. His undying passion for growth and his sincerity towards the ethics, keeps us motivated to face life with a positive attitude and a smile on our faces. Sir, we wish you a happy, carefree and joyous birthday and an equally satisfying life ahead. As we know you are not someone who would rest on his laurels, it excites us to know what next in the coming year. Keep rocking like this every single day of your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr. Kumar!!! May all your dreams be fulfilled and may you keep inspiring us. Read more [...]

Free! Are We? Celebrating the 67th Indian Independence Day!!

On 15th august every year the Asian peninsular nation, ‘India’ celebrates its independence day. After being under the infamous British Raj for almost a century, India acquired its rightful independence on 15 august 1947. The struggles and battles of Indian independence have been a part of the education system forever, reminding every new generation the sacrifices of their ancestors. Society has constantly been entrusting generations with the responsibility of not demeaning these great sacrifices. Unfortunately somewhere down the line the passion of our great patriots has been lost. Today our nation seems to be plagued with corruption and hypocrisy that has given rise to several other small and big problems. Both positive and negative Energy has a mushroom effect, so it now depends on us what we wish to grow in multifold. A positive spread of ideas is our only hope to save this nation Read more [...]

Friendship is the Invisible Pillar of Strength; You Can Measure Its Height but not it’s Depth

The one word that summarizes all relationships and yet has place for more is ‘friendship’. Friends, who are they? Who qualifies to be called as a friend? Well anyone and everyone who selflessly strives to make your life meaningful. Parents, teachers, siblings, pets, grandparents and relatives they are a person’s first ever friends. Gradually this person steps out of its nest and explores this world full of strange amusing people. People who are not related to you by blood or any relation, people who are far different than you and yet very similar in some way. These people quickly become our friends. It is very rightly said, ‘friends are not made, but are recognized.’ In this crowded world why do we choose the people we do to be our friends? Do we choose because they think like us, they look like us, they talk like us? Subtly yes; but majorly, because these people appeal to us Read more [...]

Logo Designing – Create Value of Your Brand

Technology has uplifted industries world-wide. There have been instances where GreenPro India’s logo has created buzz and overshadowed terrific results. We make easy range from easy-to-use designs to eye-popping fancy ones and needless to say these logo designing are done bearing the needs and suitability of client’s request and business. Professional logo designs are something that GreenPro India delivers on daily basis and we do an intense research about the current happenings of the market trend to give wider options to our clients. There have been times, when customers have just explained us what is their business all about and nature of their business and rest is simply relied on us because after checking the logo designing, which we have done for other customers and recommendations from our customers has allowed us great reputation in the market. Creative design combined with varieties Read more [...]

Green Play Fun Rides – Let’s Have Fun

Fun never stops once you have the playground equipments from GreenPro India. Explore one of the best playground equipments with the range that add joy to childhood. Our precious customers seldom tells us that playground was never engaging as it is now and they just can’t stop saying how Green Play Fun Rides have helped kids to excel in their academic as well personal growth. Spring Riders from Green Play’s Fun rides is manufactured to influence flexibility in playground activities. It has rock-solid spring that enables better exercises for kids. Spring Riders are made with creative designs that stimulate your child’s imagination and some of the riders include Fred the Frog with dark green colour, beautiful lady bird, grasshopper, Giraffe, horse and many other favorite child’s characters that make kids smile and encourage them to enjoy these bouncy Spring rider from Green Play. Read more [...]

Green Play H Series – Precious Childhood

Life is beautiful especially when sometimes you meet your childhood friends by sharing those magical days with that spark in your eye. GreenPro India is your one stop solutions for all your playground equipment requirements. There is great demand of equipments from Green Play’s H series as they are durable and cost effective. By creating dynamic range of H Series playground equipments, we intend to provide long term solutions to make children’s life hassle free. Indoor activities for kids are equally important just like the outdoor activities, Green play precisely understands the significance of your child’s mindset under various situation hence we provide playground equipments that are safe and comfortable for kids. Green Play’s H Series provides finest of designs for playground equipments with refreshing varieties of colours. There are big sizes to cater large group of kids Read more [...]
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