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Green Toys by Greenpro India; Your Guide to Safe Toys

There is a lot of speculation in the market with regards to green toys. So what exactly are green toys? Definitely not those that are simply coloured green but those that are sustainable and environment friendly. It could be anything made from recycled plastics, wood or metal etc. the raw material is mostly recycled and processed to become non-toxic. Greenpro India is a leading eco-friendly play equipment supplier of the country. We have multiple series of eco-friendly playground and fitness equipments. One of the series is called Green toys and it caters mainly to the age group of toddlers to teenagers. Today we will share with you some tips as to how to recognize and use real green toys in the market? Here are some tips for choosing safe & Eco-friendly toys: Look for safe toys LLPDE mark on plastic toys with a non-toxic finish and non toxic colouring. Avoid metals toys Read more [...]

To Be A Hit First Be A Fit

The phrase ‘if you are fit you are a hit’ is apt for each and every aspect of life. Body is considered to be the temple and soul its deity. A clean temple pleases and calms its deity. Similarly a clean detoxified body keeps our mind happy and calm. So how does one keep their temple like body free from toxins? The simple answer to this question is exercising. There are two things most important for exercising are a proper work out plan and good quality fitness equipments. Lack of even one component can turn your exercising from a boon to a curse. Hence Greenpro India has come up with a special series of fitness equipments to make your workout more pleasurable and beneficial. Green Fit Equipments are designed to give you a fit and healthy body.  The series is divided into JP Fit and H Fit and include variants like stretch pole, arm stretch, back stretch, leg stretch, Horizontal Ladder, Read more [...]

Paving a Road to Green Future with Greenpro India

When we say that we pave the road to a greener future we quite literally mean it. GreenPro India Pvt Ltd offers you the best services in flooring. Our products have double benefits. First it beautifies your area and secondly it offers sturdy and safe grounds. With attractive designs and refreshing colors our equipments provides clean cut look to your backyards, front yards, parkways, walkways, Driveways, Swimming Pool, Clubs, Veterinary Clinics, Ice Arenas, Golf Clubs, Truck Boxes, Horse Trailers and every other part of your periphery. We call them green pavements as they are made from strong substance that is long lasting and barely requires any maintenance or replacement. They are cost effective and easy to install. The Green Paving Tiles are designed so that they absorb maximum shock and are non slippery. So no worrying if your child fell while learning to ride its bike on green pavements. Read more [...]

Keeping the Inner Child Alive, Happy Children’s Day

Every year in India 14th of November is celebrated with great enthusiasm as Children's day. This day happens to be the birthday of free India’s 1st prime minister and an active member of freedom struggle, Jawaharlal Nehru. He was fond of children and likewise children adorably called him ‘Chacha Nehru’ (Uncle Nehru). This day is a celebration of his love towards children. Chacha Nehru was fond of not only children but also roses. He drew similarity between the two by saying that children are like flower buds in a garden which need immense love, care and nurturing to be able to blossom into beautiful human beings from within. Children are the future; they are the real strength of any society. Physically as well as mentally healthy children will only create a successful future. Unless a nation wants to be doomed in future it should mandatorily concentrate on healthy up bring of its Read more [...]

The Building Blocks of Childhood: Toddlers Playground Equipment

A toddler is a child anywhere in the age group of 1 to 3 years. This stage of life is of great importance as it is a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. In this budding stage of life it is essential that the child gets right motivation, attention and security. It is a tender, fragile state where one mistake could leave scars for life. Physical play is vital for the sound development of body and mind. With play comes the need for playground and play equipments, precisely the toys. The energy levels shape and size of toddlers is different than children at the age of 5 and above. Hence the playgrounds acceptable for older kids are not suitable for toddlers. They require a special set up where play equipments match their size, their cognitive ability and should also be safe. Thus GreenPro India has come up with a special series of toddler’s playground equipments. Read more [...]

Share The Gift of Love This Diwali!!

First of all, our Hearty Diwali wishes to all. It’s time to come together in the joyous celebration of the festival of lights. Diwali; a festival that rids us of darkness. Diwali; a festival when we light lamps and put up lanterns; when we clean and decorate our homes, but what about our soul and our minds? How does one get rid of the darkness within, of the filth in our minds and our judgements? This Diwali lets pledge to illuminate not only our house but also our minds. Along with sharing sweets let us share more love. Along with igniting lamps, let us ignite the passion for life. Along with adding colours in rangoli let us add colours in the lives of those around us. Rather than eyeing our gifts let us for a change count our blessings and give away the gifts of love, care and kindness. Greenpro India wishes you all a green, clean and happy Diwali. Refrain from bursting crackers this Read more [...]
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