Share The Gift of Love This Diwali!!

First of all, our Hearty Diwali wishes to all. It’s time to come together in the joyous celebration of the festival of lights. Diwali; a festival that rids us of darkness. Diwali; a festival when we light lamps and put up lanterns; when we clean and decorate our homes, but what about our soul and our minds?

How does one get rid of the darkness within, of the filth in our minds and our judgements?

This Diwali lets pledge to illuminate not only our house but also our minds. Along with sharing sweets let us share more love. Along with igniting lamps, let us ignite the passion for life. Along with adding colours in rangoli let us add colours in the lives of those around us. Rather than eyeing our gifts let us for a change count our blessings and give away the gifts of love, care and kindness.

Happy Diwali 2013Greenpro India wishes you all a green, clean and happy Diwali. Refrain from bursting crackers this Diwali and all the Diwalis in future. Fire crackers are not only a big hazard for environment, animals and ailing people of the society but it is also a huge waste of your money. This money could instead be used to make an underprivileged person’s Diwali a little happier. Believe in the power of sharing and giving and receive more love. Enjoy a generous illuminated life.

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