The Building Blocks of Childhood: Toddlers Playground Equipment

A toddler is a child anywhere in the age group of 1 to 3 years. This stage of life is of great importance as it is a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development.

In this budding stage of life it is essential that the child gets right motivation, attention and security. It is a tender, fragile state where one mistake could leave scars for life.

Physical play is vital for the sound development of body and mind. With play comes the need for playground and play equipments, precisely the toys.

Toddler Playground Equipment Outdoor Toddler Playground Equipments

The energy levels shape and size of toddlers is different than children at the age of 5 and above. Hence the playgrounds acceptable for older kids are not suitable for toddlers. They require a special set up where play equipments match their size, their cognitive ability and should also be safe. Thus GreenPro India has come up with a special series of toddler’s playground equipments. This series enlist of a wide variety of items, from toddler furniture, indoor toys to outdoor play stations. In an indoor set up such as homes, day cares or playgroups there are special chairs, tables, cabinets etc. GreenPro India provides eco-friendly equipments and flooring solutions that are made of safe plastic and lead free colors. These equipments are not only strong, bright and attractive but they are also non toxic and thoughtfully designed for an unhindered growth of your child.

Toddler's Playground Equipments Indoor Toddler Playground Equipments

Raising healthy children is about knowing all your options but most importantly knowing all about the best options. To know it all log on to Or you can contact us by filling below enquiry form:

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