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Celebrate Happy and Meaningful Navratri

It’s time to pull out your brightly colored and embroidered clothes and dandiyas. It’s time to celebrate Navaratri. A Hindu festival celebrated in the name of Ma Durga and her 9 major avatars. The word Navratri means nine nights. For these nine nights, the goddess is worshiped and Garba dance are performed to celebrate the arrival of Goddess Durga from heavenly abodes to the humble earthian’s house. Celebrating Navaratri is symbolic to celebration of womanhood, motherhood and also power popularly known as ‘Shakti’. Our culture has forever respected women in forms of mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. In Indian culture any unrelated women if older is looked at as a mother and younger or similar aged woman is looked at as a daughter or sister. But somewhere in time this humble culture has been lost. Today India stands as one of the most unsafe country for women. The very Read more [...]

“My life is my message” Happy Gandhi Jayanti

Says the man whose life was world known legend. Today is 'Gandhi Jayanti' the word jayanti means birth anniversary in Hindi. The man who achieved world renowned greatness through a simple law of ‘ahimsa’ was born today in the year 1869. Mahatma was the prefix he earned and bappu was the love he received. A lawyer by qualification he left his life of abundance for the welfare of the deprived. Mahatma Gandhi born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi went on to become the father of nation. His contribution in Indian freedom struggle was immeasurable. Apart from Indian freedom his work to ease the racism in South Africa and his work towards its people have also been commendable. So let us celebrate the birthday of this great man of history who taught humanity the importance of simplicity. He started the phenomenon of ‘satyagrah’ meaning the fight for truth. He preferred inconvenience to Read more [...]

Celebrating Knowledge, Love and Togetherness, Happy Ganesh Chathurti!

Finally! Lord Ganesha has arrived with much gusto and he has brought along with him the gifts of knowledge, success and humility. At Greenpro India we welcome our most beloved Ganapati Bappa not only in our homes but also in our hearts. It’s time for yummy modaks, exciting and unique decorations and family get-togethers. But let’s not forget that our celebrations can become a cause for someone else’s agony. Hence let’s make this year’s Ganesh Chathurti more sacred and less scared. Let us pledge to celebrate in the most eco-friendly and civic manner. For years we have been celebrating our festivals with no consideration for nature and other living beings who share this planet with us. Our religion says that God does not differentiate amongst his children, also humans and animals are all his children. So let us not disappoint Lord Ganesha. Let’s worship him not by loud aartis Read more [...]

The Bond of ‘Sibling Rivalry’!

India is a country of festivals. We Indians love to celebrate everything from little events, to nature, to every aspect in our lives. One such celebration is the love-hate relationship of siblings. ‘Rakshabandhan’ is the festival that celebrates the bond of brothers and sisters. It is celebrated on the full moon day of Hindu month ‘Shravan’. The word ‘rakshabandhan’ means the bond of protection. Sisters tie a ‘rakhi’ that is a decorative band on their brothers wrist as a symbol of her love and care to which the brother responds with a promise to forever protect his sister. These celebrations begin by worshiping the gods and then the rakhi tying ritual. Several delicacies and sweets are prepared and all siblings and cousins gather together to enjoy the day in each other’s company. It is one of the most fun and lively events as usually all youngsters and adults of a family Read more [...]

Free! Are We? Celebrating the 67th Indian Independence Day!!

On 15th august every year the Asian peninsular nation, ‘India’ celebrates its independence day. After being under the infamous British Raj for almost a century, India acquired its rightful independence on 15 august 1947. The struggles and battles of Indian independence have been a part of the education system forever, reminding every new generation the sacrifices of their ancestors. Society has constantly been entrusting generations with the responsibility of not demeaning these great sacrifices. Unfortunately somewhere down the line the passion of our great patriots has been lost. Today our nation seems to be plagued with corruption and hypocrisy that has given rise to several other small and big problems. Both positive and negative Energy has a mushroom effect, so it now depends on us what we wish to grow in multifold. A positive spread of ideas is our only hope to save this nation Read more [...]

Friendship is the Invisible Pillar of Strength; You Can Measure Its Height but not it’s Depth

The one word that summarizes all relationships and yet has place for more is ‘friendship’. Friends, who are they? Who qualifies to be called as a friend? Well anyone and everyone who selflessly strives to make your life meaningful. Parents, teachers, siblings, pets, grandparents and relatives they are a person’s first ever friends. Gradually this person steps out of its nest and explores this world full of strange amusing people. People who are not related to you by blood or any relation, people who are far different than you and yet very similar in some way. These people quickly become our friends. It is very rightly said, ‘friends are not made, but are recognized.’ In this crowded world why do we choose the people we do to be our friends? Do we choose because they think like us, they look like us, they talk like us? Subtly yes; but majorly, because these people appeal to us Read more [...]
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